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You’ll get access to our Monthly Webinars – which are aimed at ensuring you are kept up to date with trends, how to and where to find the best options for writing, marketing, promoting, and developing content.

Access to exclusive online resources – we have an Author Extension Resources room that is loaded with great tools and helpful things to ensure you are able to develop your knowledge and abilities to author great books and get leverage on these.  This also includes a full year subscription to our three part online program for the before, during, and after parts of writing, publishing, and marketing a non-fiction book.

Why wait to get both the HOW to Plan and Write Your Book in 90 Days, AND  NOW, Produce and Publish Your Book and just get going! 

What's the catch?

Nothing at all. Some people really do want to just DIY their book writing and publishing and are happy to work through the entire course at their own pace and pay for extra coaching sessions, or expert help with production or editing as they need it. Others are enjoying the content and finding it straightforward, but still have questions at various points along the way. This is an easy way to get some hands on help to support your own specific needs as you go. 

Just to be clear: 

You get both programs, plus all the tools, templates, and extra resources, AND access to the regular online Author-ity Hangouts and access to the Monthly Webinars on how to get real leverage on your content.  For only $69.00 per month for 12 Months.