What's holding you back from writing that book you have in your head?

What if we could take you by the hand and walk you through it - allay your fears, help you create a plan, and write a really good manuscript? 

I'm not saying we'll write it for you, but we can certainly help with the procrastination, and 'what next' parts that might be holding you back. 

There are just three things you need to know to get started: 

1) Have a good plan

2) Know who you are writing for - describe your readers clearly.

3) Develop a writing schedule and stick to it. 


Writing a high-quality non-fiction book takes time to plan and then execute well if yours is going to stand out from the very crowded self-publishing market. Having a well written, polished manuscript to submit for traditional publishing options is also an important option to consider.  


  • What to write about – how to select the right material to put into a book.


  • Find a writing rhythm that works for you.


  • Sustaining momentum as you write and meeting a self-set deadline


  • Sharing great tips on what’s involved in writing for publishing purposes
  • What to do with your manuscript after it’s completed
  • Finding editors and how to work with them.

Yes...It really is that simple!

You'll receive the following:

  • Video and Audio support to create your book plan. 
  • Resources to help you understand exactly what do to, when to do it, and to keep you on track. 
  • Access to bonus content and resources, webinars and masterclass opportunities to ensure you're knowledgeable about the 'what's next' parts too.
  • LOTS of Great Ideas you maybe never thought of before.

Work at your own pace - and know that additional support is on hand if/when you need it. 


1x one-on-one session with  Master Publishing Coach Dixie Carlton at any time during the first 4 months of this program.

Let's get BUSY because this is such an easy way to plan, write, and finish your manuscript! 

Get started now! 

Work at your own pace, through 12 months, including access to the "How to Turn Your Manuscript Into a BOOK!" program when you're ready. 

$5000 VALUE is yours for only: 

12 Monthly Payments of $99.00

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If you're in need of a fast tack option - because you have a tight deadline, or are simply a SUPER high achiever, and want to just dive in and nail this project in record time, you can do that too. 

You still get 12 months access to the program, and all the other bonus options, but can simply pay for it all over four easy payments instead of 12. 

$249.00 over FOUR Months

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Dixie Carlton
Dixie Carlton
Master Publishing Coach

You're In Good Hands...

Dixie is a veteran publisher of well over 100 books, including a handful of her own titles in both fiction and non-fiction genres. She has attended and sold books at the International Book Fairs in Frankfurt and London, assisted more than 150 authors to create and market their books, and continues to assist commited authors to go from having a good idea for a book, to writing, publishing, and marketing them to get real leverage for their business objectives as author-ities. 

Dixie is also a certified coach having graduated from prestigious Coach U/Coach Inc in 2003, and brings specialist business, marketing, and life coaching experience to her work as a publishing coach, to help her clients get the very best results from the work they do on their books, and beyond their publishing journey.

Dixie is a Professional Member  (PM)of the  Professional Speakers Association Australia, and has been awarded Business Person of the Year and Author of the Year by the NZ Professional Speaking Association, and was recently named one of the Hottest Creative Thinkers of 2020 by 25 Hottest Magazine (USA)  Her clients have also been Internationally and Nationally awarded authors and business people at the highest levels over the past 15 years, under her care and guidance.


Course Curriculum

Four Monthly Payments of $249.00

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