If not now, WHEN? If not you, WHO?

Now is the best time to write your book...

There will never be a better time, or an easier way to get this project underway. With help through our online program, supported by our extraordinary team, and focus on your Before, During, and After writing, production and publishing journey.

Here's what's inside:

Before You Write Your Book

My Book PlanTemplates and planning worksheets to help you create your book content plan

  • Additional templates include: The Book Pitch / Beta Testing / Review Process
  • Instructions and guidance to help you write your book easily in just a few weeks
  • All the stages of editing fully explained, plus how to find and work with a good editor

During the Writing Process

  • Step by step instructions about what to do when you finish writing your first draft
  • How to brief your design team for covers and typesetting
  • How to find a good designer, and editor for your book
  • A breakdown of how long it all takes to complete each phase of the writing, production and publishing journey
  • What to do about acknowledgements, calls to action and sales pages, writing a bio, obtaining ISBN numbers, and where all they all go in your book
  • How to test your title and subtitles
  • How long your book should be and how long it might take to write it!
  • How to get a good design, and typesetting  'does and don’ts'

After Your Book is Produced

Getting it OUT there...

  • What to do about pricing and distribution My Book Launch Plan
  • What you need to know about selling your book and getting it into the hands of readers
  • Easy instructions on how to set up your Amazon and Ingram Spark accounts then upload your files
  • The importance of social media, video, and what webpages you need to promote your book
  • What to do about a book launch, PR, and more.

Plus dozens of weekly updates explaining the book industry and your publishing journey


    You will also get advance notice and invitations to monthly masterclass sessions where you can bring extra questions, learn more about the experts industry and what you can do to maximise your leverage on being an expert who writes books. You will also enjoy preferential access to our coaching, publishing, and production specialists when you need us, and ongoing access to our monthly Authority Masterclass Sessions...

Course curriculum