The First Two Steps

Thinking & Planning to Avoid Re-Writing

There’s a LOT more to writing a book than most people realise when first starting out – in our book Authority Island, we talk about the best way to start and navigate the Authority Journey. Start with the Thinking and Planning your content before you write anything. This means you avoid all the costly mistakes we see when authors have to unpack and rewrite so much of their first draft. This is a 2 - 3 Week Investment that will save you hours of angst and editing costs.

You'll Discover:

The benefits of planning before you write and develop your best content. This is a 2 - 3 Week Investment that will save you hours of angst and help to reduce editing costs.

  • Ensuring you plan your best contents, targeted to your intended readers.

  • How avoiding costly mistakes from the start will help keep your enthusiasm high for this project

  • Get your readers to finish your book, and then get them to take action on getting more of you.

  • How to get feedback that really helps you to fine tune your manuscript.

  • How to work with editors and get your book ready for production.

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Then write with confidence!

Part two of this series is about Writing and Developing content that readers will respond to.

When you have finished this first part of this series, you can then opt to progress to the next stage of this program: Write and Develop Your Manuscript.

Part Three is About Production

Producing and Publishing your book is going to be a much easier thing to do when you start by doing PART One of this series...

Follow the process and you'll enjoy this journey much more.

Course Curriculum

See what's inside...

  • 1


    • Why this course gets you off to a great start on your book project - from Publisher Ann Dettori Wilson

    • Welcome ... what to expect!

    • Join Our Masterclass Support Events

  • 2

    First things first... Before you even get started!

    • Downloads of Book Pitch and Before You Write Worksheets

    • Module 1: How to work through the first worksheet

    • A Quick Preview of the Book Plan

  • 3

    Mapping out your book

    • Worksheet #2 - How to create your writing plan

    • Your Plan Should Look Like This

    • Extra Content - Acknowledgements, Bio, CTAs

  • 4

    WRITING your book

    • Word vs Google Docs

    • How to use tracked Changes in Word

    • A Quick Word on Using Scrivener

  • 5

    Bonus Content - 2 minute audio boosts

    • Introducing Your Just a Minute Audio Boosts

    • Just a minute – what's your purpose in writing this book?

    • Just a minute – content planning

    • Just a minute – fulfilling your book's purpose

    • Just a minute – how long will your book be?

    • Just a minute – what's your best writing time?

    • Just a minute – writing vs recording your manuscript

  • 6

    FaQs and Check in Videos

    • Introducing your FAQ videos

    • What are you going to write about?

    • Why you should write a good book plan first

    • Some Important Do's and Don'ts - Audio or Video options

    • Should I hire a ghostwriter or write it myself?

  • 7

    Resources Are All HERE

    • Worksheet #1 - Before you Start to Write 2020 for download

    • Worksheet #2 - Planning and writing your first draft 2020

    • IE_Book Pitch worksheet

  • 8

    Bonus Video Content

    • Size Matters

    • Working With a Coach or Mentor

    • Traditional vs Self Publishing Options

    • The Process - Long Version

  • 9

    What are your next steps?

    • NOW DO THIS!

    • What's Next? It's time to WRITE that manuscript