Writing, publishing, and marketing a non-fiction book sounds like a daunting task if you've never done it before.  But becoming an author, with a book that you can use to attract clients, speaking opportunities, or just to increase your profile as an expert in your field can be easily done, with good guidance, and a proven process. 

 Sure - there's a LOT of learn.  But - once you know how, doing this and repeating the process over and over again is easy, and I'm here to show you how. 

Think back to the last time you wanted that recognition, to open that opportunity door, or be chosen for that speaking gig, and you were selected into the top two but lost out to the 'author'.  I bet you looked at his or her book and thought 'I could have written that'.   

So why didn't you?  

And more to the point - what's holding you back from doing it now?

If the answer is 'nothing' or 'just knowing where to start' then you're in the right place.  If you are serious about writing the book that's been buzzing in your mind for a long, looooonnnnggg time, it's about time you got it out of your head, and into the hands of those who hold the key to unlocking your greatest potential. 


Writing a high-quality non-fiction book takes time to plan and then execute well if yours is going to stand out from the very crowded self-publishing market. Having a well written, polished manuscript to submit for traditional publishing options is also an important option to consider.  But where do you start?  And how do you keep up the momentum of getting the writing done so that you end up with a truly excellent book?

Working with a writing or publishing coach might be the answer, but often the investment is very high, and finding a good one can be difficult.   So, you might default to attending a writing course, or retreat, but that takes time, high investment, and the results are not always guaranteed either.

The challenges of writing a high-quality non-fiction book include:

  • What to write about – how to select the right material to put into a book
  • Getting started and finding a writing rhythm that works for you
  • Sustaining momentum as you write and meeting a self-set deadline
  • Knowing what’s involved in writing for publishing purposes
  • What do to with your manuscript after it’s completed
  • Finding editors and how to work with them.

But these are all very important aspects of writing a book and if you are just trying to nut it all out alone -or by doing endless internet searches - you will find it time consuming and harder than you imagined when you started out. 

BUT, if you do prefer to dive right in and work at your own pace, on a ‘Do it Yourself’ basis, then you’re going to love the Author-ity Authors Program.  

Because it’s such an easy way to plan, write, and finish your manuscript! 

We'll start out with:

  • The critical pre-planning,
  • then we'll walk through white-boarding all your ideas;
  • you'll learn a delightfully simple method of focusing on what exactly needs to go into your book to ensure maximum readability;
  • and good flow of your contents;
  • then we'll be writing your manuscript over a period of just a few weeks.
ALL using  Dixie's proven processes for cutting through the clutter in your thoughts about what to write about and how to draw all your material into a workable/readable structure!

In addition to all that you’ll be supported through working to your plan, with online resources, tools, templates, and  weekly guidance from veteran publishing coach, Dixie Carlton.

Dixie is a multi-award-winning business person and author, who has assisted more than 100 authors, all over the world, to write, publish, and promote more than 85 books.  

She has assisted many of her clients to achieve best or top selling status, high profile media opportunities, international and national awards, and foreign rights sales. 

The one thing that really stands out about Dixie’s client’s books, is that they don’t look or behave like obviously self-published books.  They stand out from the crowd because they are well written, well produced, and well marketed to ensure they are hard-working marketing tools for her clients. 

A self published book does not have to look or behave like a self published book!

AVOID turning up to your next convention, or pitch opportunity without having a book you wrote, outlining exactly WHY clients and colleagues should respect your position as an AUTHOR-ITY in your field.  You are GREAT at what you do - you have years of Experience, Knowledge Wisdom, and Expertise to share, and your story(s) are unique to you and your history.  

Don't let one more year go by without nailing this exceptional marketing tool as part of your business plan in 2018!  This is the year you will become an AUTHOR-ITY, not a frequently overlooked, runner up, in your industry.

ENOUGH with all the EXCUSES! 

It will never be easier than RIGHT NOW to start your journey as an AUTHOR-ITY AUTHOR!

I was bogged down with too many creative ideas.  This course made me 

stop PLAN, and restart with clear focused action.  Clear direction, planning, 

and accountability – perfect for clearing your writing head-trash.  

Sue Lester, Mindset Healer, Author & Coach

This course is absolutely fantastic! I have utilised Dixie’s book coaching services in the past which took me from idea to a published book with excellent results. This 10 week DIY Author-ity Authors Program gives me all the tools and resources I need to take my ebook idea from concept to completion. The best part is, I can work at my own pace, but still have access to Dixie’s expertise whenever I need it. 

KD Forsman, Freelance Writer writingforcash.com


If you believe after 10 days, that this course will not assist you to write and complete your Non-Fiction Manuscript you can request a full refund - no questions asked.  

Sign up and get started now!  

IF you only want the WRITE YOUR BOOK in 10 WEEKS program then click the SIGN UP NOW button below for pricing options - FOR LESS THAN $50 per month you can be writing your book EASILY - and have access to world class resources and Direct Access to Dixie for extra help if needed. 

(Alternative option - Bundle both courses - details below)

Dixie's coaching fees usually start at $1000 per month. This is a strictly limited offer. 

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Dixie Carlton
Dixie Carlton
Master Publishing Coach

You're In Good Hands...

Dixie is a veteran publisher of well over 100 books, including a handful of her own titles in both fiction and non-fiction genres. She has attended and sold books at the International Book Fairs in Frankfurt and London, assisted more than 150 authors to create and market their books, and continues to assist commited authors to go from having a good idea for a book, to writing, publishing, and marketing them to get real leverage for their business objectives as author-ities. 

Dixie is also a certified coach having graduated from prestigious Coach U/Coach Inc in 2003, and brings specialist business, marketing, and life coaching experience to her work as a publishing coach, to help her clients get the very best results from the work they do on their books, and beyond their publishing journey.

Dixie is a Professional Member  (PM)of the  Professional Speakers Association Australia, and has been awarded Business Person of the Year and Author of the Year by the NZ Professional Speaking Association, and was recently named one of the Hottest Creative Thinkers of 2020 by 25 Hottest Magazine (USA)  Her clients have also been Internationally and Nationally awarded authors and business people at the highest levels over the past 15 years, under her care and guidance.


Don't turn up at that convention or pitch opportunity THIS YEAR without YOUR OWN BOOK under your arm - cementing your position as the OUTSTANDING Author-ity in your field... 

ENOUGH OF THE EXCUSES - now IS the time to write that book you have had in your mind since... 'forever'. 


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