When you're ready to write your manuscript...

We're ready to share all the steps to write, develop, review, and produce your book

This phase is about getting reviews, finishing your manuscript, working with an editor and preparing for the production stage of your journey. We'll take you by the hand and walk you through the next steps, so you don't get lost.

This is Part TWO

Our process is essentially 10 steps to get your ideas, from your head, to your finished product. We're here to guide you through it all.


Our best selling book Authority Island is about the journey of becoming an author based on having an excellent manuscript that is really ready to upload - the right files, in the best places.  How to ensure your content is a true reflection of your brand and you.

Inside this course you'll find links to the book for a FREE download, but also richly informative bonus content that explains much of the traps for new authors and how to best avoid them.  

Take out the GUESS Work, and expensive errors of developing your manuscript and turning it into a brilliant book that can work hard for you 

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    TOOLS to Use for writing your book

    • Word vs Google Docs

    • A Quick Word on Using Scrivener

    • How to use tracked Changes in Word

  • 3

    Week by Week - your action plan

    • Some Important Do's and Don'ts

    • Week 1 - Tell people you're writing a book

    • Week 2 - The benefits of working with a coach

    • Week 3 - Are you a story teller?

    • Week 4 - Forget Perfectionism as you write

    • Week 5 - Remember who you are writing for

    • Week 6 - Size Matters

    • Week 7 - Who's on your team?

    • Week 8 - Know your competitors

    • Week 9 - How to Select a Good Subtitle

    • Week 10 - Extra Content - Acknowledgements, Bio, CTAs

    • Week 11 - How do you get great feedback so you can finish your manuscript? BETA Readers!

    • Week 12 - How do I get ready to talk to a typesetter about formatting my book?

  • 4

    Editing Your Book - A Critical Stage to Get Right!

  • 5

    Bonus Content - 2 minute audio boosts

  • 6

    FaQs and Check in Videos

    • Introducing your FAQ videos

    • The Five Most Common Mistakes Authors Make

    • Does and Don'ts of Writing and Publishing a Non Fiction Book

    • Why are Non-Fictions Books Shorter than Fiction?

    • Should I hire a ghostwriter or write it myself?

    • Perfectionism Kills Creativity

    • Writing and Producing a Book is a TEAM Event

    • Publisher Options - Self Publish or Traditional?

    • Working With a Coach or Mentor

    • How Important is Social Media for Authors?