• I want to write a book but how do I start?

    We start with the THINKING, then PLANNING, before writing. This way you identify valid content, calls to action, and who your readers are so you can write for them. This is about ensuring your best content hits the right targets for your unique and special content so it really matters to the reader.

  • I already started my book - now I'm lost, can you help?

    Once you understand the best structure for your manuscript, your writing will be a lot easier. Writers Block, and other distractions can also be sorted with our special resources for getting started, and getting finished.

  • How long will it take to write a good manusctript?

    How much time, how long the book is, and how to get your BEST material sorted are all part of our process. You may also have questions you've not thought of yet. We've got videos, audio, and text files to help you understand the entire journey ahead of you.