Our programs are guaranteed in that if you follow the guidelines of this program (and that includes reaching out for assistance if stuck, by way of direct email or through the discussion tools within this program) that you will be able to plan, write, and the prepare your manuscript for production, and ultimately publication. 

If you feel after 15 days that this program is not likely to assist your efforts to do so, then any fees paid will be refunded in full. 

Our disclaimer is simply this:  if you do not follow the program instructions, if you reach out for help and it is given and you do not wish to follow advice offered, and if you do not do the actual work required to get your manuscript written, that we do not take any responsibility for your not having a completed first draft within 3-6 months. 

Further please note that we do not support any efforts that include or involve plagiarism, copyright infringements, or dishonesty about  any author's level of knowledge or expertise. We also do not take responsibility for ownership of any author's work, publishing efforts, or return on their investment for having written or published a book as a result of using this program. 

Please indicate that you have read and agreed to these terms of service by Indie Experts Pty Ltd.