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Indie Experts who want to develop more than just their books. Here's where you can learn even more about the experts industry and your role in it as an Authority, with bonus resources.

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    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from the Indie Experts Team

    • How to use This Thinkific Course Platform

  • 2

    Contents List - What Topics, When, and your Booking Links are HERE

    • Links You Need and Topics List

  • 3

    Chapter #1 - Social Media for Authors

    • Congruent Social Media

    • The Value of Video in Social Media

    • Replay of the session on Video for Authors with Tanya McQueen

    • Facebook and Instagram

    • The Hashtags Video

    • Video and Information

    • Cool Tools For Creating Memes and Marketing Images

    • Linked In For Authors - A valuable marketing tool

    • Marketing and Social Media Priorities

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Chapter #2 - Publishing Platforms

    • Amazon - Managing Your Books and Getting a LOT More out of Amazon

    • Author Central - Making the most of your Amazon Listing

    • Ingram Spark, D2D, and Overdrive

    • Getting your Books Out via Speaking to Your Market

    • The Lowdown on Audio Books

    • Reviews - where to get them and what to do with them

    • Our Own Online Store and Library

    • A little more about using the Indie Experts Library option

  • 5

    Chapter #3 - Expanding and Creating Content

    • Beyond Your Book - Creating Additional Products

    • What you need to know about creating Audio Books - Interview with Dave Stokes

    • How Are You Showing Up Online - Can Your Readers Get More of You? Interview with Cat Coluccio

    • How do you start to extend beyond your current content?

    • The Importance of Editing - even after your book is published!

  • 6

    Chapter #4 - Creating Engagement with Readers and Clients

    • Thinking About Creating an Online Course, Series, or Program

  • 7

    Chapter #5: Speaking and Presenting

    • Speaking in Alignment with your Book Contents

  • 8

    Chapter #6: Profile & Branding

    • Let's Talk Personal Branding with Louise Williams

    • Replay of Louise Williams - Photography and Authors... what you need to know!

  • 9

    Chapter #7: Publicity & PR

    • Media Pages and Landing Pages for your website

    • Your BDA Team

    • Publicity - How it Works for Authors

    • Jules Brooke and the Public Relations for Authors Session

    • What Does Being Media Ready Mean?

    • Your Book Launch

  • 10

    Chapter 8: The Business of Being an Expert

    • What an Author/Expert Needs -the overiew

    • The Business of Book Business...

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