Getting Ready to Sign Your Book

First you need to produce your book!

The next steps in your journey to Authority is to produce your well written, finely crafted manuscript and turn it into a book! One you can sell, use for marketing, and to position you and your expertise. This part of our program is all about the PRODUCTION phase.
When you finish writing, it's time to produce and publish

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Production of Your Manuscript

  • 2

    Design Matters

    • The Internal Layout of Your Book

    • Why a Great Cover Sells

    • Back Cover Design - Some Critical Points to Note

    • The Design Process and Testing Covers

    • Cover Design Worksheet

  • 3

    Finalising Files

    • Preparing Your Files for Print and Digital Distribution

    • Print, ebook or Both? What to Look For

    • Summary of Production Series

    • Getting Your Book to Your Readers

Just this Production Program, Thanks

You don't have to have completed the previous parts of this program but you'll find it helpful to have done so. If you just want to produce your book - this can be taken as a Stand Alone program.